The Power of Data for Efficient Crossflow Filtration with Pall PRO

Most modern crossflow filtration systems achieve clarification in a single automated process step without the need for filter aids or centrifugation. Even with automation it is difficult to achieve fully efficient crossflow filtration when each wine is different, and every season adds its own unique challenges. The filtration data accessible to most winemakers across the US and North America is often quite limited. This makes optimizing filtration efficiency in real time difficult and often leaves wineries guessing about how to get the best performance from their equipment.

Watch this recorded webinar and Q&A with special guest speaker Ian Rickard, Global Market Manager - Wine & Spirits, at Pall Food & Beverage, where we discuss:

- Common factors that affect filtration efficiency

- How operating expenses can be impacted by poor filtration efficiency

- What the latest innovations from Pall PRO can do to help you optimize your crossflow filtrations