Introducing the ScottCart Aqua Water Filtration System

Scott Laboratories is excited to announce the launch of ScottCart Aqua – a first-of-its-kind water filtration system to bring beverage production to the next level.

ScottCart Aqua is a three-step water filtration kit that consists of three cartridge filters with housings. The system hooks up directly to a facility’s water station for quick, easy implementation and use. Available for purchase online, the kit consists of the following:

  • Clarify: carbon step to remove toxins, heavy metals, taste, color and taint precursors, chlorine, fluoride, limescale and more.
  • Purify: polishes the water to a bright solid-free state, removing any visible suspended solids and significantly reducing the larger microorganism population present.
  • Finish: final polish to produce a microorganism-reduced, suspended solid-free finish.

For wineries, breweries, distilleries and beyond, it’s important to consider water filtration as part of the beverage production process:

  • Clean water directly impacts quality control of the end-product.
  • City water supplies often contain chlorine and other taint precursors.
  • Not only is water the main ingredient in beer, mead, kombucha, spirits, and hard seltzer, it’s also used throughout the production facility for rinsing and sanitizing, on bottling lines, and in sensitive equipment.

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