Webinar - Filtration FUNdamentals: Pre-Bottling Best Practices

Filtration FUNdamentals: Pre-Bottling Best Practices

Does bottling day ignite feelings of anxiety and dread? Would you like to better understand the critical control points as you prepare for bottling to prevent membrane filter clogging and spoilage organisms ruining your hard work?

Watch the replay of this workshop hosted by Virginia Tech Enology with our very own special guest speaker, Maria Peterson, Technical Filtration Specialist. Topics include:

  • Sterile filtration principles and practices
  • QC checks before, during and after sterile filtration
  • Turbidity vs. Filterability, and how to measure each
  • Timing of additions before bottling and how that affects filterability
  • Options for adjusting filterability in-line with bottling
  • Membrane storage and management
  • General bottling line sanitation guidelines