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Equipment Performance & Quality Service

Introducing ScottProtect™, a new service to ensure your machine investment is not only secure but also performing at its peak. Winemaking has enough surprises – maintaining your equipment should not be one of them.

Decades of hands-on service and care has solidified our philosophy that planned, intervaled service not only enhances the performance and overall life span of a machine but can also help reduce more significant breakdowns. With ScottProtect™, your machine will be under the care of our experienced technicians, ensuring peace of mind and optimal performance.


Making sure your press is always running at optimal working conditions increases uptime and efficiency, ensuring harvest is smooth and surprise-free.


The unique design of the Willmes press allows for the highest yields under the lowest pressures on the market. Our Senior Technicians will provide thorough training for your staff, ensuring the programs are designed to complement your fruit and processing approach.


Maximize the life of your investment with scheduled preventative maintenance checks, avoiding costly repairs, shortened or compromised press life, and unplanned downtime.

ScottProtect™ Harvest Tune-Up


The ScottProtect Harvest™ Tune-Up is a comprehensive press maintenance check that includes up to one day of work and billed at a reduced rate of $150/hr (excluding all travel expenses and potential replacement parts).

What's Included:

Pre-arrival phone consultation with Senior Service Technician

  • Phone consultation to review spare parts list
  • A detailed plan, custom for each press, with replacement recommendations for necessary wear parts
  • Recommendations for future stock parts to have on-hand

Comprehensive Inspection

  • 29-point comprehensive testing and validation of all major wear parts
  • Comprehensive post-harvest tune-up report with any technician recommendations
  • Recommendations for future stock parts to have on-hand

Preventative Maintenance

  • Replacement of all necessary wear parts (as discussed in the consultation)
  • Lubrication of all designated areas
  • Refill/check all oil levels

Operational Review

  • Staff training/re-training
  • Review of daily operating procedures
  • Sanitation program guidance

Wine Quality and Throughput Consultation

  • Proper usage for optimizing wine quality
  • Yield analysis and recommendations
  • Partial Load Program Training

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