2021 New Product Buying Guide

Last updated: 9/2021

Check out the replay of our webinar on the 2021 lineup of new products from Scott Laboratories and read the buying guide below.


"I Can Do What?!" - New Winemaking Tools from Scott Labs

Scott Labs is the leader in enological innovation, driving research to create new, science-backed solutions for wine production. We are excited to share our newest applications, with an emphasis on helping producers address consumer demand for vegan and clean-crafted wines! Darren Michaels and Dr. Nichola Hall hosted a webinar and live Q&A on Tuesday May 11th, 2021 to discuss our new products and applications including new nutrients, low-input, low-SO2 winemaking, and animal-free winemaking.



FERMIVIN® SM102 is a pure strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is used in sweet and semi-sweet wine production. Wines are well-balanced with delicate aromas and floral notes.


LALVIN ICV SUNROSE™ is a pure strain ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae from the Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV) that is used in rosé wine production. Wines are elegant with complex red fruit aromas. This strain is especially suitable for rosé winemaking in grapes from warm climates.


INITIA™ is a pure culture of Metschnikowia pulcherrima that quickly consumes oxygen. When added to freshly pressed white or rosé juice INITIA can prevent browning and other damaging oxidative effects. INITIA-treated wines have fresher aromatics and brighter color. INITIA consumes oxygen faster than SO2, making INITIA ideal for low chemical input winemaking.


STIMULA CABERNET™ is a yeast nutrient optimized to stimulate the yeast’s production of fruity esters in red wines. When STIMULA CABERNET is added at 1/3 sugar depletion it triggers specific yeast metabolic pathways resulting in red and black fruit aromas. Wines made with STIMULA CABERNET are noted for their increased complexity and diminished vegetal/herbaceous notes. This 100% autolyzed yeast-based nutrient is rich in specific amino acids, small peptides, vitamins and minerals.


STIMULA SYRAH™ optimizes the yeast’s ability to reveal and enhance varietal compounds originating in certain red grapes maximizing fruity, floral and spicy aromas. Adding STIMULA SYRAH at the beginning of active fermentation stimulates yeast to liberate varietal thiols, terpenes and nor-isoprenoids. Due to its unique formulation, wines made using STIMULA SYRAH have less sulfur off-flavors like hydrogen sulfide.


GLUTASTAR™ is a yeast derivative nutrient that protects and stabilizes wine aroma and color due to its unique content of antioxidant peptides and high concentration of GSH (reduced glutathione). GLUTASTAR’s high antioxidant and scavenging of free radicals leads to increased wine shelf life. GLUTASTAR also increases the perception of freshness and mouthfeel thanks to the contribution from yeast-derived polysaccharides. GLUTASTAR is also OMRI approved on their list of approved organic products for winemaking.


NO[OX] is an innovative, highly specialized chitosan bentonite fining aid. This animal-free, non-allergenic fining aid is superior to SO₂ and other casein alternatives at removing oxidized characteristics including color, aromas and flavors. Additionally, NO[OX] can remove herbaceous and bitter notes, increase freshness, resulting in significant quality improvements.


QI’UP XC is used in juice for superior clarification. This innovative floccing agent is used during juice flotation and traditional cold settling and is an animal-free, non-allergenic alternative to gelatin. QI’UP XC is a specialized preparation of chitosan that has a high surface charge allowing it to bind to solid particles in juice resulting in excellent clarification.

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