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Last Updated: 7/2021

Applies to: Fermented beverage producers looking for organic-compliant (OMRI-listed) products including: rehydration nutrients, fermentation nutrients, specialized yeast derivatives, malolactic nutrients, and fining & stability products.

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While many if not most of our products are compatible with organic, clean-crafted production, the following products have been OMRI-listed. Our portfolio of OMRI-listed products includes many options for wine, seltzer, and cider:

  • Rehydration nutrients
  • Fermentation nutrients
  • Specialized yeast derivatives
  • Malolactic nutrients
  • Fining & stability products

Read on to learn more about the products available in each category. To shop all OMRI-listed products on the Scott Labs website, click below:

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Rehydration Nutrients


GO-FERM PROTECT EVOLUTION™ is the latest generation of yeast rehydration nutrients to support healthy fermentations while increasing aroma uptake and production. This formulation has optimized the bioavailability of vitamins, minerals and sterols, all of which are derived from autolyzed wine yeast. The benefits are clearly seen at the end of alcoholic fermentation.

Yeast rehydrated in GO-FERM PROTECT EVOLUTION have enhanced viability, vitality and tolerance to wine stresses such as ethanol, acid, sugar and temperature. The yeast also express more aromatic varietal aromas due to GO-FERM PROTECT EVOLUTION's high ergosterol content which enables yeast membrane transport systems to better assimilate aromatic precursors. When used in fermentations where oxygen additions are difficult, GO-FERM PROTECT EVOLUTION's enhanced sterol content can replace the recommended second oxygen addition at 1/3 sugar depletion.


GO-FERM™ is the original yeast rehydration nutrient and contains a balance of micronutrients. It was developed to enhance fermentation kinetics and to help avoid fermentation problems like hydrogen sulfide.

Fermentation Nutrients


FERMAID O™ is a blend of highly specific inactivated yeast fractions that are rich in assimilable amino acids (organic nitrogen). Its amino acid profile is highly consistent. Though FERMAID O does not supply a lot of Measurable YAN, it is a highly effective nutrient. It reliably lowers peak fermentation temperatures, improves fermentation kinetics and the yeast produce lower levels of negative sulfur compounds. FERMAID O use has been correlated with positive aromatic expression (thiols and esters) and mouthfeel.

FERMAID O does not contain any DAP or supplemented micronutrients. For optimal results, FERMAID O should be used in conjunction with GO-FERM PROTECT EVOLUTION™ rehydration nutrient.


A yeast nutrient supplement for use in hard seltzer sugar ferments.

NUTRI2TM assists in producing fully fermented bases from sugar substrates that are very low in nutrients. Without intervention, these sugar fermentations are slow, unpredictable, and differ significantly from malt-, fruit-, or grape-based fermentations. NUTRI2 provides the optimal combination of 100% natural yeast derived amino acids (organic nitrogen), peptides and micronutrients to achieve the best kinetic and sensory outcomes during alcoholic fermentation. Some benefits include:

  • Decreases fermentation time and promotes complete (dry) ferments.
  • Compatible for use in USDA organic labeled products. OMRI-listed.
  • Contains 100% natural yeast-derived micronutrients such as vitamins (thiamin, biotin, pantothenic acid) and minerals (magnesium and zinc) which contribute to cleaner and more reliable fermentations.
  • Provides cleaner sensory outcomes when compared to diammonium phosphate (DAP) and other nutrient formulations.
  • Delivers 100% natural organic nitrogen in the form of highly assimilable amino acids and contains more yeast assimilable amino acids than other yeast nutrients

Specialized Yeast Derivatives


Aromatic Whites and Rosés | Protects and stabilizes aroma and color compounds against oxidative damage

GLUTASTAR™ is a yeast derivative nutrient that is used early in white and rosé winemaking to scavenge quinones. Quinones quickly lead to oxidative damage when left untreated. By scavenging quinones, aroma compounds and color are preserved. GLUTASTAR is a highly soluble, unique, autolyzed yeast that brings protective qualities of both specialized (nucleophilic) peptides and reactive glutathione to wines. The effect of GLUTASTAR is long-lasting and its positive impact on varietal and fermentation-derived aromas and wine color contribute to a prolonged wine shelf-life. GLUTASTAR can be used in no- and low-SO2 winemaking.


Reds, Complex Whites and Rosés | Contributes to balance, sweetness and softness on the finish

NOBLESSE™ is a partially autolyzed yeast derivative nutrient that gives the perception of sweetness and promotes harmony between mouthfeel characteristics in red, white and rosé wines. Upon addition, NOBLESSE starts to release polysaccharides that can help mask sensations of acidity, astringency or bitterness while helping to integrate alcohol and oak.

Wines made using NOBLESSE appear to have more fruit and sweetness due to the contribution of low molecular weight polysaccharides. There is also a decrease in tannin intensity and a reduction in both drying and aggressive characters due to the softening effect of the high molecular weight polysaccharides. NOBLESSE can be used at any time during fermentation and although immediate results are possible, full integration may take three to five months.


Inactivated yeast for compromised fruit and challenging conditions

This specific inactivated yeast can be used at any stage of the fermentation process. Due to its bioadsorptive properties NUTRIENT VIT END™ can be used early to bind residual fungicides or later to bind specific fermentation-derived inhibitors like short- and medium-chain fatty acids. When used preventatively, NUTRIENT VIT END can bind these toxins and help minimize the risk of sluggish or stuck fermentations.


Reds | For increased color stability and roundness in red wines

The yeast strain behind OPTI-MUM RED™ was specifically selected and autolyzed for its highly reactive polysaccharides and oligosaccharides. Upon addition, OPTI-MUM RED's high molecular weight polysaccharides are released and quickly participate in reactions that stabilize color and polyphenolic compounds (tannins). The earlier that OPTI-MUM RED is used the more effective it is in reacting with early diffused color molecules. Using OPTI-MUM RED results in wines that are more intense in color and have a rounder and softer mouthfeel with a decreased perception of astringency.


Reds | For rounder and smoother tannins in reds

OPTI-RED™ is an inactivated and partially autolyzed yeast derivative nutrient. OPTI-RED may be used either at the beginning or towards the end of red wine fermentations. Using OPTI-RED in the must quickly releases polysaccharides. These polysaccharides are then available to complex with polyphenols. This early complexing results in red wines with better color stability. Using OPTI-RED in the latter part of alcoholic fermentation allows the winemaker to shape harsh polyphenolics into smoother, more approachable tannins.


Complex Whites and Rosés | Promotes roundness and smoothness and protects aromatics

OPTI-WHITE™ is prepared using a specific production process that results in a yeast derivative nutrient containing both antioxidant peptides and polysaccharides. The peptides protect aromatics, whereas the polysaccharides help stabilize aroma compounds and enhance roundness. When added to the juice at the onset of fermentation OPTI-WHITE helps to prevent oxidative browning* while bringing smoothness and complexity. When OPTI-WHITE is added during the later stages of fermentation, it helps integrate the flavors.

*Use 50 g/hL for maximum antioxidative properties or use GLUTASTAR™ for maximum anti-browning potential.


Red, White, Rosé, Cider | Reduces sulfur off-aromas

REDULESS™ is used to reduce sulfur off-odors such as H2S and dimethyl sulfide. Its formulation includes bentonite together with other natural elements which are rich in copper. REDULESS can naturally enhance roundness while treating sulfur problems. It has also been shown to reduce phenol-related defects. The maximum potential copper transfer, when used according to the recommendation, is 0.01 ppm.

Malolactic Fermentation Nutrients


Reds, Restarts | Malolactic nutrient for red and stuck malolactic fermentations

ML RED BOOST™ is an advanced bacteria nutrient providing amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides and minerals from specific inactivated yeast. ML RED BOOST improves the survival rate and the resistance of bacteria against the inhibitory effects of polyphenolic compounds while also compensating for nutritional deficiencies in wine. This results in healthier O. oeni and shorter malolactic fermentations. ML RED BOOST is highly recommended for restarting sluggish and stuck malolactic fermentations.


White and Rosés | Malolactic nutrient for white and rosé malolactic fermentations

OPTI’MALO BLANC™ is a unique malolactic nutrient specifically formulated for white and rosé wines.
This nutrient is a blend of inactivated yeast, rich in amino acids and specific peptides to help overcome the challenges of malolactic fermentation in white and rosé wines.

OPTI’MALO BLANC can compensate for nutritional deficiencies, stimulate the growth and malic acid metabolism of the bacteria and decrease MLF duration allowing wines to be stabilized quicker.

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It is possible to use other Scott Labs products in organic-compliant production! Please reach out for more information about getting a specific product approved for use at your facility.