2022 New Winemaking Products

Last updated: 1/2022

Check out the 2022 lineup of new products from Scott Laboratories and read the buying guide below.

New in 2022 From Scott Laboratories

Scott Labs is the leader in enological innovation, driving research to create new, science-backed solutions for wine production. We are excited to share our newest applications, with an emphasis on helping producers address consumer demand for vegan and clean-crafted wines! Read below for our new products and applications including low-input, low-SO2 winemaking, and animal-free winemaking.


Tannin for antioxidant protection

ESSENTIAL ANTIOXIDANT is a highly purified gallnut tannin that protects juice and wine from oxidative damage with minimal impact on mouthfeel. It offers the highest rate of antioxidant protection of all the tannins within our portfolio. ESSENTIAL ANTIOXIDANT can be used on Botrytis-compromised grapes, oxygen-sensitive juices, or finished wines to preserve color and aromas.


Bentonite for use during fermentation for early removal of heat-unstable proteins.

FERMOBENT® PORE-TEC is a granular sodium-calcium based bentonite specifically formulated for use during fermentation. Fermenting on bentonite may eliminate or reduce the need for protein stabilization before bottling and can limit wine loss.

Many bentonites are not pure enough for use during fermentation as heat and vigor can lead to leaching of copper and iron from unpure bentonite which could result in green and brown color taints. FERMOBENT PORE-TEC, however, boasts a very low iron content high level of purity.


Oxygen-scavenging yeast to protect aroma and color and preserve juice quality.

INITIA™ is a pure culture of Metschnikowia pulcherrima that offers antioxidant and antimicrobial protection by quickly consuming oxygen. When added to freshly pressed white or rosé juice INITIA can prevent browning and other damaging oxidative effects, producing wines with fresher aromatics and brighter color. INITIA also acts as an antimicrobial agent, suppressing spoilage organisms like indigenous yeast and acetic acid bacteria. INITIA consumes oxygen faster than SO2, making INITIA ideal for low chemical input winemaking.


Yeast derivative nutrient for protection against oxidative damage and increased wine shelf-life.

GLUTASTAR™ is an OMRI-listed yeast derivative nutrient that protects and stabilizes juice and wine aroma and color due to its unique antioxidant peptides and high concentration of GSH (reduced glutathione). GLUTASTAR’S high GSH content allows it to scavenge free radicals, lowering the oxidation potential of the wine and increasing shelf-life. GLUTASTAR also increases the perception of freshness and enhances mouthfeel.


Animal-free, non-allergenic removal of oxidized characters in juice and wine.

NO[OX] is an innovative, highly specialized chitosan-based fining aid to treat oxidation-induced browning and off-aromas. This animal-free, non-allergenic fining aid is more effective than casein and casein alternatives at treating oxidative effects on color and aroma. Treating juice and wine with NO[OX] removes brown color, increases fruity and floral notes, decreases herbaceous and bitter notes, and contributes to increased overall wine balance.


Animal-free, non-allergenic clarification fining aid.

Qi’UP XC is used in juice and wine for superior clarification. This innovative floccing agent is used during juice flotation and traditional cold settling and is an animal-free, non-allergenic alternative to gelatin. Qi’UP XC is a specialized preparation of chitosan that has a high surface charge allowing it to bind to solid particles resulting in excellent clarification.

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