2023 New Winemaking Products

Last updated: 6/2023

Check out the 2023 lineup of new products from Scott Laboratories and read the buying guide below.

New in 2023 From Scott Laboratories

Scott Laboratories is the leader in enological innovation, driving research to create new, science-backed solutions for wine production. We are excited to share our newest products and applications, including two new yeasts, the revolutionary GO-FERM STEROL FLASH, and a suite of new mannoproteins for colloidal stability.


The Sleeping Beauty Yeast

In June 2008, on the beautiful shores of Lake Zurich, Swiss winemakers got together to taste wines made from the almost extinct white cultivar Räuschling. The oldest of these wines dated back to the 1895 vintage! During the tasting, a prominent microbiologist, Professor Gafner, from the Agroscope- Changins Wädenswil research station was present. His curious nature led him to examine the sediment in some of the oldest bottles. Imagine the excitement when he discovered that the sediment present in a bottle from 1895 was actually Saccharomyces yeast in its dormant form! Thus, the sleeping beauty yeast was born, or rather awakened.


Revolutionary rehydration nutrient for use with cool water

GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™ is a revolutionary new rehydration nutrient that allows yeast to be rehydrated with cool water, bypassing the need for acclimatization and significantly shortening the yeast rehydration process. GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™ is also optimized with respect to the quantity and quality of micronutrients and sterols it provides, contributing to maximal yeast vitality, sustained fermentative power, and aroma production.


Burgundy selection for modern and fresh aromatic whites and rosés

LALVIN NBC™ is a pure strain of Saccharomyces yeast isolated from a Chardonnay fermentation by the Centre Oenologique de Bourgogne (COEB) in France. It was selected for making fresh and refined Chablis-style Chardonnay with enhanced floral, citrus and mineral notes, but is also well-suited for making rosés and Rhône style whites. Wines are described as elegant and well-balanced with fresh fruit aromas and preserved acidity.


YAN source that elevates Pinot noir characteristics

STIMULA PINOT NOIR™ is a fermentation nutrient and source of organic nitrogen that optimizes the yeast’s ability to reveal varietal compounds and produce fruity aromas. Wines display more black and red fruit aromas, increased floral notes, and increased aromatic complexity. Herbaceous and vegetative notes are masked, and wines have fewer sulfur off-odors like H2S.


We have partnered with StaVin, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality toasted oak infusion products for wine. StaVin expands our existing portfolio of innovative and ecologically responsible oak infusion products that help wineries significantly reduce production costs while maintaining the subtle, nuanced flavors of their favorite oak barrel programs. StaVin is family-run and operated in an artisanal fashion to best craft winemakers’ complex and custom flavor profiles. StaVin oak infusion products are produced using time-tested, traditional toasting methods including fire and convection.


Mannoprotein for colloidal stability that gently softens harsh tannin and increases fruit intensity in reds

PURE-LEES DELICACY™ is a highly reactive mannoprotein preparation from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that coats harsh tannin to soften mouthfeel, increases fruit expression, and assists with colloidal stability. Although primarily recommended for red wines, PURE-LEES DELICACY™ can be used in phenolic white and rosé wines.


Mannoprotein for colloidal stability that also fines and removes harsh tannins in reds

PURE-LEES ELEGANCY™ is a highly reactive mannoprotein preparation from Saccharomyces cerevisiae that can bind and remove aggressive tannins, improve wine texture, and assist with colloidal stability. Wines exhibit increased fruitiness and better mouthfeel.


Tannin for superior oxidation protection

ESSENTIAL ANTIOXIDANT is a highly purified gallnut tannin that protects juice and wine from oxidative damage with minimal impact on mouthfeel. It offers the highest rate of antioxidant protection of all the tannins within our portfolio. ESSENTIAL ANTIOXIDANT can be used on Botrytis-compromised grapes, oxygen sensitive juices, or finished wines to preserve color and aromas.


Mannoprotein for colloidal stability that also protects aroma compounds and can extend shelf-life in whites and rosés

FINAL TOUCH TONIC® is a specialized preparation of liquid mannoproteins with colloidal stabilizing properties that helps to preserve the quality of white and rosé wines. Its powerful reducing capabilities inhibits oxidation thereby protecting wine color and aromas, extending shelf-life and minimizing premature aging. FINAL TOUCH TONIC® is completely soluble and can be added prior to final filtration.


Mannoprotein for colloidal stability that enhances aromatic intensity and improves mouthfeel in reds

FINAL TOUCH GUSTO® is a specialized preparation of liquid mannoproteins that improves mouthfeel and can contribute to colloidal stability. Wines display increased aromatic intensity, freshness, and fruitiness with reduced astringency and a smoother, rounder mouthfeel. FINAL TOUCH GUSTO® is completely soluble and can be added prior to final filtration.

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