Buying a Lenticular Setup? What you Need and Need to Know

Last updated: 8/2021

Applies to: Those purchasing a lenticular filter housing who need advice on selecting a housing size, accessory parts & pieces, and media.

What you Need to Know

Lenticular Filtration Resources

We have several resources on our website discussing lenticular filtration. Be sure to consult these as well when purchasing your lenticular setup.

Why Choose Lenticular Filtration?

  • Read Advantages of Lenticular Filtration to learn key features of lenticular housings and media that make it an incredibly flexible, efficient, and cost-effective filtration method.

Choose a Housing Size & Media Type

Choose the Correct Filter Media Grade

How to Operate a Lenticular Filter

Are you Making a Carbonated Product?

  • The Scott lenticular housings are only pressure rated for liquid pressure and is appropriate for the filtration of still product. Please contact us to inquire about our range of pressure rated housings for the filtration of sparkling or carbonated beverages.

What you Need

Choosing Lenticular Housing Parts

After you've decided on the correct height and diameter for your lenticular housing, consult below to see what is included with the housing and what parts you may need to purchase additionally.


Physical Description: Lenticular filter housing with sturdy 4-leg design. Dome seals to base via stainless steel bolts and silicone gasket. Material: 304L stainless steel with high quality, sanitary welds. Mirror polished surface finish to Ra<0.2µ. Operating Limits: Maximum temperature: 140 °C (284 °F), Maximum pressure: 150psi/10 bar (liquid pressure only). Module Style: Compatible with Flat Gasket style lenticular modules.

Connection Sizes (tri-clamp):

  • Inlet/Outlet 1.5” TC
  • Gauge port 1.5” TC
  • Drain inlet/outlet 0.5” TC
  • Air vent 0.5” TC

Parts Included with Housing:

(Photo below is a 16", 2-high housing. Housings are available in 12" and 16" diameters, and heights of 1-4 modules).

  • All housing pieces, gaskets, and locking nut assembly (1-6)
  • 1 center post - height will vary by housing height (8)*
  • 1 deflection plate (9)
  • All clamps (11) and gaskets (10)
  • 2 spare 0.5” TC ball valves (18), clamps (13), and gaskets (12)
  • 2 sanitary pressure gauges (0-60psi) to record inlet and outlet pressure (14)
  • 1 stainless steel 1.5" tri-clover “T” to mount the outlet pressure gauge (15)
  • 2 1.5" butterfly valves for inlet/outlet (16)
  • 1 0.5" tri-clover vent valve (17)
  • 0.5" TC x 0.5" Hose Barb (23)

Parts not Included with Housing:

*Different height center posts

Housings ship with one center post, i.e. a 3 high housing ships with a 3-high post, a 4 high housing ships with a 4-high post. If you would like different height center posts to filter with fewer modules in a housing, you have to order these center posts additionally.

Shop Center Posts

**Backflush plates

For each setup of Supradisc II single grade media, you need two end plates (7) one on the bottom and one on the top. And for every two or more modules, you need an intermediate plate (22). For example in a 16” 4 high housing you would have 2 x 16” end plates and 3 x 16” intermediate plates.

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