Is the VLS TMF Crossflow Right for your Filtration Needs?

Crossflow filtration offers clarity and microbiological stability in a single operation. The end result? Elimination of fossil powers and the problems associated with their use and disposal. With fully automated machines is all work phases, and a return on investment in less than 3 years, crossflow filtration can mean considerable savings in labor, filtration aids, and product quality for small to medium sized producers.

Areas of Application: Crossflow vs. Traditional Filtration


  • The product to be filtered meets the porous sector at right angles; solids are retained, the clean product goes through
  • The duration of the filtering cycle depends on the capability of the filter to accumulate solids and aids (DE filters and press filters) or to keep the precoat (rotary drum vacuum filters)
  • Need for filtering aids (DE, perlite, etc.)


  • The product to be filtered flows parallel to the porous membrane at such a speed which carries the solids in suspension
  • The filtrate permeates through the membrane thanks to the delta of pressure between the two sides of the membrane
  • No need for filtering aids

Crossflow filtration is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Red and white wines
  2. Fruit juice
  3. Cider and vinegar

With multiple use cases and areas of application, automation capabilities and many additional advantages over traditional filtration, the VLS TMF Crossflow is a great option for the modern winemaker.

Behind the Scenes

The Crossflow TMF 3-6-9 has a modular design that allows for an additional 3 element loops to be added to the filter at a later date (up to a maximum of 9 filter elements). Additional features include:

  • Feed pump with stainless-steel pre-filter controlled by variable frequency drive and a recirculation pump.
  • PES filter membranes with a maximum pore size of 0.2 microns
  • Pressure sensor with digital display at the inlet and outlet of the filter elements
  • Digital flow meter
  • Stainless-steel tank for cleaning purposes, equipped with water filter
  • Electric board in stainless-steels with PLC for the control and setting of the filtration parameters (flow rate, amount of product to be filtered, start/stop time)

In addition to the above features, the fully automatic (A) model also includes:

  • PLC management is available for all phases of the filtration process with touchscreen color display for setting parameters and alarms.
    • Includes filtration, draining, rinsing and clean in place (CIP).
  • Two peristaltic pumps for automatic dosing of CIP chemicals
  • Temperature probe

The results achieved are due to the special capillary polyethersulphone (PES) membrane which has an internal diameter of 1.5mm. The tangential flow of product over the membrane provides a continuous cleaning of the membrane surface, resulting in slower fouling. The material, diameter, and pore distribution have been especially designed for wine and grape juice filtration. TMF models are available in either semi-automatic (S) or fully automatic (A) execution.

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