Fining & Finishing Your Wine

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Fining and finishing agents are great tools that can be used on juice or wine to deal with a variety of issues or to enhance and improve the aromatic and flavor components of a wine.

Oak Infusion Products & Tannins

The new range of oak infusion products and finishing tannins by The Oak Lab™ are helpful tools when fine-tuning a wine. Some winemakers are looking for more mid-palate structure and aging potential, while others are looking for an influence from oak. Tannins and oak infusion products provide a rapid and repeatable way to achieve your targets for changing the tannic profile of a wine, while also positively impacting the weight, length, and complexity.

Trials are recommended to discover the best product(s) for your particular wine and goals.

Fining & Stability Agents

Fining & Stability agents are great tools for improving stability, clarity, and filterability in a wine, as well as enhancing aroma and flavor.
  • For reds, there are great options to reduce sulfur off-odors, diminish bitter tannins and improve settling. 
  • For whites and rosés, a range of products for the removal and prevention of oxidation and off-characters, as well as for the treatment for pinking or browning are available.
  • We also offer Finishing Tannin Kits with liquid finishing and stability agents for ease of addition.