Fermentation Nutrition Planner

Last updated: 8/2023

Applies to: winemakers supplementing yeast available nitrogen (YAN) and nutrients during alcoholic fermentation. Contains a pdf download of this protocol at the end of the article.

To conduct a healthy and complete fermentation, yeast require minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, sterols and nitrogen. Minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and sterols are provided by GO-FERM PROTECT EVOLUTION™ and/or GO-FERM STEROL FLASH™, whereas nitrogen is supplied by FERMAID O™. Yeast also use essential nutrients to stimulate certain metabolic pathways resulting in increased wine aroma. The STIMULA™ range of nutrients both nourishes the cells and stimulates metabolic pathways to increase aromas and flavors.

Use the following step-by-step guide to develop a complete yeast nutrition program.


A. Measure SUGAR (Brix) and YAN of the juice/must.

B. Choose a yeast strain.

C. Determine the chosen yeast strain's NITROGEN NEED — low, medium, or high. This information is listed in the product description.

D. Determine YAN REQUIRED for fermentation ppm by consulting table 1.

For example: If the juice is 24 °Brix and ALCHEMY I (a medium N need strain) is selected, the fermentation
will need 220 ppm YAN

E. If the YAN REQUIRED is higher than the JUICE YAN, then ADDITIONAL YAN is required. To calculate: ADDITIONAL YAN = YAN REQUIRED - JUICE YAN.

For example: If the YAN required for fermentation is 220 ppm and the juice has 150 ppm YAN, an additional 70 ppm YAN is required.


Using the ADDITIONAL YAN determined in step 1(E), consult the table below to fill in the Nutrition Plan card at the bottom of the page and determine what nutrient and dosage will be added at each stage of fermentation.

*All fermentation nutrients help ensure healthy fermentation, but some also enhance wine aroma. STIMULA SAUVIGNON BLANC™ and STIMULA SYRAH™ help yeast convert varietal aroma precursors into odor-active compounds. STIMULA CHARDONNAY™ and STIMULA CABERNET™stimulate yeast to produce certain fruity esters.

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