Enzymes Aromatic Whites - Granular

Enzymes are natural protein catalysts that facilitate and increase the rate of chemical reac­tions. Enological enzymes are used to accelerate natural reactions that would otherwise oc­cur slowly in wine. Enzyme use can promote fruit and spice characters while reducing sulfur off-odors, herbaceous and mineral characteristics. For most enzymes, the addition to grapes as soon as possible helps with extraction of aroma precursors, reduces maceration time and helps increase juice yield.
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Lallzyme Cuvee Blanc (100g)
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Enzymes Crushed Grapes Lallemand
Rapidase Expression Aroma (100g)
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Enzymes Crushed Grapes Oenobrands
Scottzyme BG (1kg)
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Enzymes Finishing ScottZYME
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