Macro Aeration During Fermentation: Benefits & FAQs

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Whether you are fermenting, racking, or blending, having the right tool to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively is essential. Macro aeration and oxidation using a tank injector is a great option for mixing, blending, simplifying operations and lowering costs. Below are some of the key benefits of macro aeration during fermentation for oxygen management and improved sensory profiles.

Benefits of Macro Aeration

While the benefits of macro aeration during ferment are many, below are a few of the key advantages for winemakers when it comes to stabilization, structure and smooth fermentations:

  • Stabilizes fruit character and color
  • Aids in development of strong yeast viability throughout fermentation
  • Counteracts the development of sulfur based compounds (H2S)
  • Ensures a smooth and complete fermentation
  • Promotes the formation of more complex tannin structures
  • Minimizes green/vegetal characters in the wine

Using a stainless steel injector such as the Mazzei Tank Injector provides a “cellar proof” method to introduce a controlled amount of oxygen to the wine fermentation. Oxygen management results in consistent sensory profiles, and the controlled introduction of oxygen enhances polyphenol polymerization which results in increased color and stability. The introduction of oxygen also helps diminish reductive and vegetal aromas. There is a reduction in the amount of copper sulfate required to control sulfides.

The Mazzei Tank Injector is a highly efficient device for energizing fermentations by automatically injecting oxygen during pump overs. Mazzei is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance venturi injectors, which is why it comes highly recommended by our Equipment, Parts & Service experts. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions regarding the Mazzei injector and proper applications for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: During fermentation I do my pump overs using a mesh screen and a sump. Why would I switch to a Mazzei injector?

A: Due to the gassing off of CO2 at this stage of a pump over, it is extremely difficult to integrate oxygen into the must. The amount of oxygen that can be incorporated is very small compared to what is possible with the Mazzei venturi system.

Q: Where do I place the Mazzei injector?

A: Aeration should occur (downstream) after the pump Adding air (upstream) prior to the pump will potentially cause cavitation and premature pump failure. Installation of the Mazzei is recommended at the top of the tank. If this is not possible, an air intake valve can throttle the quantity of air being introduced into the must. A standard 1.5” ball valve is recommended on the 2” Mazzei injector.

Q: What other parts do I need with the Mazzei injector?

A: A check valve is a key component and will prevent back flow through the air intake in the event of power failure or valve closure.

Q: The Mazzei Stainless steel injector is much more expensive than other venturi devices. How do I justify the cost?

A: Most of the competitive venturi devices have much smaller openings. The Mazzei has significantly higher suction capacity which translates directly to the overall quantity of air integrated into the must. Some injectors are made of plastic and will easily break. The Mazzei provides an option for all stainless-steel construction and is designed for longevity. There is no need to replace this component of your pump over system.

Q: What are the other uses for a Mazzei injector?

A: The Mazzei can be used for several cellar additions to a tank including gelatins, caseinate, and other liquid fining agents. It will also help incorporate any fermentation or post fermentation tannins into the must.

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