Crossflow Filtration with Pall Oenoflow XL

The crossflow is designed for simplicity of operation. All plant operations are automatically controlled via a PLC. There are few if any routine operations that require manual operation of valves, hoses, etc. The system design philosophy is to reduce as much as possible the labor associated with filtration operations and the potential for system problems caused by operator error.

The fully automatic system operates in a batch mode with all 304 stainless steel piping manifolds, membranes, pumps and instruments mounted on a mechanical-welded mobile chassis with adjustable feet ready for on-site applications. All products contact materials are generally stainless steel or elastomers, are safe or approved for the food industry, and are compatible with and resistant to typical cleaning agents used in the food industry.

Oenoflow XL System Benefits

In addition to the robust, higher area XL modules and the unique DSC flow configuration, the Oenoflow XL system design has additional benefits:

  • On-board concentration and filtrate tanks for operation independent of winery conditions
  • Low capital investment per m2 of filter area
  • Low water and chemical consumption
  • Maximum respect for the organoleptic wine characteristics
  • Consistent filtrate quality: low turbidity (< 0.3 %)
  • No additional pre-clarification or separation requirement - fewer wine movements - reduced labor costs
  • No filter aid requirement - reduced product handling - reduced waste disposal for landfill
  • Compact footprint for easy installation and flexible operation throughout the winery

Key features for Winemakers:

  1. Quality-enhancing filtration:
    1. Reliable 24-hour filtration with minimal operator intervention
    2. Minimal product losses
    3. The enclosed filter system minimizes the effects of oxygen and prevents aroma and CO2 losses
  2. Economical filtration:
    1. Minimal increase in wine/cider temperature due to low energy input
    2. Low crossflow velocity saves energy
    3. High filtrate output (depending on the characteristics of the pre-filtrate)
  3. High-quality design and engineering:
    1. Small footprint required for plant installation
    2. All process connections and operating elements on one side of the system for ease-of-use
    3. Reliable, off-the-shelf programmable control (PLC)
    4. Easy to operate via touch screen operating panel
  4. Filter modules::
    1. Hollow fiber modules specially developed for clarifying filtration of wine and cider

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