Armbruster Rotovib Operating Tips & Instructions

Before you start up your Armbruster Rotovib this harvest, here are a few important safety measures to take, operating tips for maximum performance, and FAQs from our Rotovib customers to help you get the most out of your machinery.

Safety Instructions

  1. Keep hands, clothing and hair away from the Rollersorters during operation. They can become entangled with the Rollersorter Hit the E Stop immediately if anything becomes caught in the Rollersorter.
  2. Do not place hands, scrapers or other implements into the MOG hopper during operation.
  3. Make sure Cage is in place and engaged prior to operating.
  4. Make sure electrical cabinet is not sprayed with water. These are water resistant, but not water proof. This could result in corrosion of the electrical cabinet.
  5. If using a pressure washer for cleaning, do not spray with high pressure too close to the Rollersorter or the cage. This can result in warped or cracked pieces of plastic.

Operating Tips

  • Build-up of juice on rollers throughout the day will result in additional noise, rattling and squeaking
    • Anytime there is a break in production we recommend that the rollers be sprayed down with a hose to minimize these noises.
  • Vibration motor operating tips
    • At certain speeds, the vibration motor attached to the pin shaft will vibrate excessively. This vibration can result in additional wear and damage to the motor or the pivot, which the motor is attached to.
    • A slight increase or decrease in the speed of the vibration will help to minimize this excessive motion.

Removing the Cage from your Rotovib

It's recommended to periodically remove and clean the cage on your Rotovib Destemmer, especially before and after harvest. Below are the steps to follow in order to properly and safely remove the cage for cleaning:

Step 1

  • Please note that two people are necessary to complete this task. One will hold the motor as the bolts are removed and the other will remove the six bolts.
  • These bolts are usually very tight and difficult to remove. Use a long-handled wrench for maximum torque

Step 2

  • Remove the four bolts which attach the vibrating motor tot he pivot plate at the end of the pint shaft. There are two on each side of the motor.

Step 3

  • Remove two bolts from under the vibration dampers as shown below:

Step 4

  • Remove the plug from the Rotovib.

Step 5

  • Place motor on cart out of the way. Please note the motor is heavy!

Step 6

  • Cage can be removed by sliding over the pin shaft and pivot assembly at end of pin shaft.

Step 7

  • Cage can be soaked overnight in non-caustic cleaner.

Step 8

  • Once cage is cleaned, slide it back onto the pin shaft as far as it will go.

Step 9

  • Replace two bolts attached to dampening devices.

Step 10

  • Replace four bolts on motor to pivot at end of pin shaft. Tighten all bolts completely.

Step 11

  • Plug motor back into outlet on Rotovib frame.

Step 12

  • Set cage securely back in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Clusters of grapes continue to end up in the waste bin at the discharge of Rollersorter #1

A: Increase speed of pin shaft slowly until acceptable amount of fruit is completely destemmed

Q: Destemmed grapes continue to bounce and end up in waste bin at the discharge of Rollersorter #1?

A: Slowly reduce speed on Rollersorter #1 to allow additional time for grapes to fall through Rollersorter #1. If reducing the speed on Rollersorter #1 does not result in grapes easily falling through the spacers, change out the spacers with the next largest size

Download our full operating manual and step-by-step instructions for additional information.

Download Manual