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The industry’s leading grape processing and handling equipment for all your crush needs.

Options for Fruit Delivery, Sorting & Conveying

Armbruster can provide all the equipment for a complete crush pad. With the capability to handle throughput from 1-2 tons/hour up to 30+ tons per hour, and over 300+ Rovib Destemmers currently in use in North America, Armbruster has developed proven systems for handling both mechanically harvested and hand-harvested fruit.

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Rotovib Double Rollersorter with Control Device

Rotovib Key Features & Benefits

Rotovib’s robust, easy to maintain design is built with simplicity and longevity in mind:

  • A special 3-D stainless steel design makes the Armbruster extremely easy to clean.
  • Independent Variable Frequency Drives for the Pin Shaft Speed, Vibrating level and each individual RollerSorter gives the operator the ability to fine tune and adjust the machine to varietal and vineyard variables.
  • These adjustments can be made during operation or prior to receiving different varietals and vineyard sources.
  • The Single Rollersorter option allows the winery to reduce the overall MOG level in the destemmed product.
  • The Double Rollersorter option provides an additional level of sorting capability to remove raisins, seeds, and small MOG. The result is extremely clean destemmed fruit.

Mechanical Advantages

  • Vibrating pin shaft
  • Fully adjustable stainless-steel frame
  • Silicon auger
  • Smooth cage with rounded edges minimizes shearing of grapes
  • No chains, open bearings, or lubrication points; minimal maintenance required
  • Polished stainless steel for easy cleaning
  • Crushing options

To encompass all styles of winemaking we have ensured that crushing is available for all the Rotovib models with options for an Integrated Crusher or a Stand-Alone Crusher.

Rotovib 10 with Single Rollersorter

The Armbruster Rotovib will:

  1. Reduce overall crushpad footprint
  2. Reduce labor costs during harvest
  3. Provide high quality destemming
  4. Allow for flexibility due to adjustable stand
  5. Available in 240/480/208 3-phase voltage
  6. Easily adjustable for different varietals and grape conditions

Available Models:

  • ROTOVIB 10 - for production of up to 6 tons/hour (previously the ROTOVIB 8-15)
  • ROTOVIB 20 - for production of up to 12 tons/hour
  • ROTOVIB 30 - for production of up to 20 tons/hour

Armbruster Rollersorter

The Armbruster RollerSorter is the newest solution for removing jacks, stems, and leaves after the destemming process. The high percentage of whole berries generated by the Rotovib allows for very effective on-board berry sorting. RollerSorter is compact and efficient and can easily be added to an existing sorting line or destemmer for improved results.

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