Early Beginnings

Scott Laboratories is the leading supplier for the North American wine and specialty beverage industry. We have deep roots embedded in the wine community dating back to 1933, where our story began at the University of California just days prior to the end of Prohibition.

Who We Are

We are a team of educators and innovators, helping winemakers and beverage producers hone their craft and refine their skills. From bringing the first commercially available cultured yeast strains to market; introducing the horizontal pneumatic grape press to North American winemakers; and spearheading the formation of the Cork Quality Council to help set minimum quality standards for the cork industry. We take pride in being a trusted resource for the community, while bringing the most innovative, cutting-edge technology, products and services to our customers.

Whether it’s your first year or your ninth decade doing business with us - you have a friend in Scott Labs

Our Beliefs

Scott Labs is building a workplace that values, invites, supports, celebrates, and embraces our differences. We believe that the measurement of our success includes our impact on both people and planet.

We believe that:

  • Everyone should feel valued and have equal & equitable access to make a positive contribution and develop their career.
  • Challenges and differences are navigated with transparency and clarity by honoring each other's humanity and different perspectives.
  • Our job is to empower everyone to show up authentically.
  • We must act with fairness, trust, safety, and respect.
  • Sustainability includes supporting a healthy planet and offering economic and cultural benefit to our people and community.

Our Vision

Our vision at Scott Laboratories is to provide the best customer experience to the specialty beverage community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the long-term success of the specialty beverage community by providing best-in-class products and services.

We believe in education, honesty, and doing the right thing.

Experts & Leadership

Management Team
Sales Team

Zachary Scott


Steve Clattenburg


Damon Dudley

General Manager – Equipment, Parts & Service

Andre Austin

General Manager – Beverage Integrity & Filtration

Chris Holman

General Manager – Cork & Packaging

Nichola Hall

General Manager – Fermentation & Enology

Kevin Woodling

Commercial Director

Ashlie Helm

Commercial Director - Winemaking 

Joey Castagnola

Field Sales Representative - Sonoma

Darren Chertkoff

Technical Sales Representative - Oak

Katie Cook

Field Sales Representative - Northeast & Upper Midwest

Mollie Forest

Regional Sales Manager

Ron Hahn

Sales Executive - Central Coast

Vichheka Hang

Sales Executive - Napa & Sonoma

Maggie McBride Hawk

Technical Sales Representative - Sonoma County

Megan Hereford

Field Sales Representative - Southeast

Jillian Herkert

Account Manager - Sierra Foothills & Central Valley

Annamarie Howard

Technical Sales Representative - Napa

Eric Mohseni

Technical Sales Representative - Central Coast

Eleni Papadakis

Field Sales Representative - Oregon

Alicen Rouse

Field Sales Representative - Southwest & Midwest

Marisa Segovia-Nieblas

Field Sales Representative - Mexico