Lallemand 1-Step Build-Up Cultures

Instructions for Rehydration

Bacteria Dosage Size
Water Needed for Rehydration
Wine Needed for Acclimatization
Wine Needed for Pre-Culture Transfer
25 hL
0.65 gallons
0.65 gallons
650 gallons
100 hL
2.6 gallons
2.6 gallons
2,600 gallons
500 hL
 13 gallons
13 gallons
13,000 gallons
1,000 hL
26 gallons
26 gallons
26,000 gallons

Rehydration Phase

  • Mix and dissolve the contents of the activator in the appropriate amount of 20ºC(68ºF) water (see above).
  • Add the contents of the bacteria sachet and dissolve carefully by gentle stirring. • Wait for 20 minutes.

Acclimatization Phase

  • Add the water, activator and bacteria mixture prepared in the previous step with wine (see above for appropriate number of gallons). The pH of the wine should be over 3.5 and temperature between 18-25ºC(64-77ºF). 
  • Wait for 18 to 24 hours. 

Pre-Culture Transfer Phase

  •  Transfer the pre-culture to the balance of wine in the tank.
  • Maintain the temperature between 18-25ºC(64-77ºF).
  • Check MLF activity (malic acid degradation) every 2 to 4 days.